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About Us

Our Story

MoneySafe Mortgage was incorporated in 2014 but our experience and expertise are generations old.


Michael Boito, our CEO started mortgage brokering in 2002. He always knew the family business was in his blood. Michael’s grandfather, John Boito, started his real estate brokering in the San Francisco area in the 1950’s. Michael’s Dad, Dino Boito, followed in his father’s footsteps and was a real estate agent and broker in the San Francisco area during the 1960’s. He is still licensed to this day. After many courses and successfully achieving his license, Michael became a third-generation broker in real estate.


With generations of knowledge behind him and fifteen plus years of serving customers, Michael decided he didn’t want to only be a broker, but a banker as well. Having direct access to money and underwriting as a mortgage banker would allow the flexibility to design programs to fit virtually every need a client would have. Four years ago, MoneySafe Mortgage transitioned to a mortgage banking model and we have not looked back. With the bank developed, the next step was to create an unbelievable team that you, the customer, get to work with today. 


Each member of MoneySafe was chosen because of their dedication to the customer experience and the company’s commitment to serving others. The creativity in our lending programs, and extensive knowledge of our team, allows borrowers to afford more, save more and continue their homeownership journey. Your needs and motivation for obtaining a mortgage are what drives MoneySafe Mortgage to be its best. 

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