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Michael Boito

President & CEO

Michael Boito is the broker and owner of MoneySafe Mortgage. Michael is a third generation mortgage broker with decades of lending experience. Michael began studying real estate while attending Cal State University Northridge. After completing his studies at CSUN, he started his real estate career as an entry level client support member for a large retail mortgage bank in West Covina, CA. Michael worked his way up within 6 months to become the regional branch manager of mortgage operations for the bank location. There is not a position in lending that Michael does not have a working knowledge of or hands on experience with.


Fast becoming a leader in the lending industry, Michael decided to open up his first mortgage brokerage in 2006 with his father. The focus was family service with a streamlined lending process. Michael and his father have over 40 years combined real estate experience and their company was a large success funding more than 100 million dollars in real estate loans. After many years of working with his father and following the birth of his child he moved north from Los Angeles to Sacramento to raise his daughter with his wife Jenifer and service the area he loves. Michael was born and raised in Northern California and was excited to bring his family back in 2010. In 2013 after years of meeting and building relationships with many local agents and clients, Michael opened up Sacramento City Mortgage—recently rebranded to MoneySafe Mortgage. Since opening, Michael has built a team of dedicated loan professionals that have the same commitment and excellence for service of the community.


“We share a desire to make lending a relaxed and informed customer experience,” Michael says of his company and employees. “The lending process should not be foreign to the homebuyer but be an experience that is simple and creates a knowledgeable homeowner," Michael concluded.


Although Michael is primarily in an ownership/managerial role he still has his hands in all phases of the company. This includes client relations, underwriting and funding of mortgage loans. You can trust your real estate finance needs and home purchase to this experienced professional. Call today for your home loan pre-approval.


I'm always happy to answer questions. Let's connect.

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